Who do we serve?

We serve those enrolled in Traditional Medicare or certain Medicare Advantage Plans and who meet the Medicare "Homebound" criteria.

Do you meet the Medicare Homebound Criteria?

Homebound does not mean you cannot leave your home. Medicare allows the Homebound patient the freedom to leave the home if the absences from the home are infrequent or for periods of relatively short duration or attributable to the need to receive medical treatment. Occasional absences from the home for non-medical purposes, like an occasional trip to the barber, a walk around the block or a drive, would not necessitate a finding that the patient is not homebound if the absences are undertaken on an infrequent basis or are of relatively short duration and do not indicate that the patient has the capacity to obtain health care outside the home.

To be homebound means:


You would not be considered homebound if you:

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