Patient Testimonials

What do our patients say?

To the office of a wonderful group of God's Angels. Thank you for your care! Much Love!
- Mrs. P

Without a doubt I have never known a more efficient group of people working together as a Company. I am so grateful that my Doctor recommended you to us. I am also grateful that your Nurses and Aides became such a large part of our lives. They are all such caring and loving people and we feel fortunate to have come to know them. Thank you all!
- Mrs. H

Our nurse was absolutely great and went above and beyond to care for my father. She was wonderful! Thank you!
- Mrs. R

The support mentally and physically has made such a difference in the care for my husband. We can't imagine life without their expertise and compassion. We think they are wonderful!
- Mrs. W

They seem like family!
- Mr. A

We have received the absolute highest level of care, concern, empathy and respect from all the medical professionals at Apostle, with special thanks to our Nurses and Aides.
- Son of Mrs. L

Great. Great. Great. Couldn't be any better. Our nurse is very good.
- Mrs. B

The nurses are beautiful! I can't say one is any better than the other. I rate ya'll a "10." Very satisfied with care.
- Mrs. S

For the first time in a long time, my mother doesn't fight bath time. She looks forward to the aide coming.
- Mrs. C

I didn't realize there was a service out there like yours. I'm very happy!! Very satisfied with care.
- Mr. D

The Apostle Home Health Care agency has done everything for me that they promised. The individual care people have been very courteous, sensible and professional. They are always interested and sympathetic.
- Mr. O

We had another home health care provider before yours but it didn't come near Apostle. All of your girls we have met are great.
- Daughter of Mrs. M

The two nurses that come out here are better than our doctor! Very satisfied with my care.
- Mrs. U

I think everyone is so nice! Very happy with my care.
- Mrs. R

They always take time to talk about your health. They always call before they come to see you. I love my nurses.
- Mr. O

My Nurses and Aides all go beyond the call of duty.
- Mrs. K

I can't say enough good things about our Nurses and Aides. They are wonderful w/mom and dad.
- Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. N

Thank you to each one that came to help me in any way.
- Mr. H

Apostle has great people! Thank you for all your help. They were enthusiastic encouraging and kind.
- Wife of Mr. J

Our Physical Therapist has been wonderful. She's so encouraging and caring.
- Husband of Mrs. T

The entire staff is outstanding. I appreciate their concern.
- Mrs. G

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