Our Difference

What makes us different?

There are two care models in Home Health Care Agencies, profit-driven and patient-centric.

Apostle Home Healthcare was founded and is operated with the faith that if we provide the proper patient-centric care to our patients, and are good stewards of our resources, that the result will benefit both patient and provider. This is not to say that Apostle Home Healthcare will always provide more care for a given patient than another agency. But we do pledge to provide whatever is medically necessary and to put the needs of the patient before the needs of the agency. Our patients say it makes all the difference to them. Give us the opportunity to serve you or your loved one and we believe you will experience the difference which only truly patient-centric care can make.

Exploring The Difference Between Profit-Driven and Patient-Centric Care

For a given patient, all Medicare Apostle Home Healthcare Agencies are paid the same flat lump sum to cover the care of the patient for a 60 day period. Why then is the level of patient care provided by some agencies so much less than others?

The profit-driven model places greater importance on the agency's profitability than on the patients' care. Using this model the Agency calculates how much Medicare will pay, extracts the profit desired and then rations the amount of care the patient receives to fit within the leftover funds. The patient may receive care at a level far below what the patient really requires but at a level just high enough to be able to charge Medicare the maximum amount. This may be the reason why many agencies have stopped providing Home Health Aides. Even though having a Home Health Aide may be medically necessary for the health, hygiene and safety of the patient, agencies do not receive additional payment from Medicare for providing them, so their services may have been eliminated to increase profits. Some agencies will keep a patient on service just long enough to perform the highest profit services and then discharge the patient before it is medically prudent to do so just to maximize profit.

The patient-centric model assures that the care provided is determined by what is medically necessary, not the bottom line profit of the patient's case. The care planning done by the Nursing Case Management Team in coordination with the patient's own Doctor operates independently and is not controlled or overridden by profitability considerations. This model puts the patient's recovery and wellbeing first.

A Word on Faith

Faith-based does not mean that our patients are given religious materials or that Apostle Home Healthcare leaves a religious footprint in their home. Referring to a faith-based agency like ours opens the door for patients and caregivers to discuss matters of the heart and soul if the patient cares to. This can be especially comforting to those dealing with end-of-life issues. Whenever a patient verbalizes a need to talk with someone about these very important and personal issues, Apostle stands ready to help. We assist the patient and families with referrals for mental health professionals as well as community resources such as grief counselors, chaplains and ministers. All denominations are respected and acknowledged and our staff receives education on the tenets and practices of different religions as part of our diversified training program.

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