Your Next Step

What is my next step?

If you have concerns about the care and safety of a loved one, please call us today.

Speak to one of our RN Case Managers and allow them to review the specifics of your circumstances. They will help you with a preliminary evaluation of the unique situation that faces you and review your options with you. They will help determine if the patient meets the homebound criteria, if there is care which is medically necessary and if your insurance plan will cover Apostle Home Healthcare.

If your situation meets the Medicare criteria, they can arrange for one of our specially-trained RNs to visit the patient and do a 'head to toe' assessment. This process will determine in detail the patient's condition and needs. If Apostle Home Healthcare is warranted, the RN will contact the patient's physician to secure and confirm orders for Apostle Home Healthcare so that care can begin at that moment. Please be reminded there is no cost or obligation for this evaluation. Medicare requires that participating agencies provide this assessment at no cost as part of the Agency's "Administrative Costs".

Even if the patient does not meet the Medicare criteria, we may be able to help you by referring you to other resources in the community at no cost or obligation.

Please call us at (281) 996-5701 for free information on how Apostle Home Healthcare can help you or your loved one.

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