What are the costs associated with services from Apostle Home Healthcare?

Medicare pays 100% of the in-home care provided by Apostle Home Healthcare for patients with "traditional" Medicare plans and many Medicare Advantage Plans. There is no co-payment or out of pocket cost whatsoever to the patient or their families. There is no lifetime maximum or other limit to the Apostle Home Healthcare Benefit. Use of the Apostle Home Healthcare Benefit does not impact the patient's ability to use their other Medicare benefits in any way.

Here's why...

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that people who would be eligible for Apostle Home Healthcare services, those that are under the care of a Home Health Agency experience lower rates of injury and hospitalization, reducing the overall cost of caring for their health.

... new analysis also revealed that home health use after an initial hospital visit resulted in a $2.81 billion reduction in post-hospital Medicare Part A spending over the October 2006-September 2009 time period, compared to patients receiving other post-acute services. If the beneficiaries who received other post-acute services after the initial hospitalization had used Apostle Home Healthcare instead, Medicare Part A spending over the same period could have been further reduced by an additional $2.07 billion.

"This study clearly shows that providing Apostle Home Healthcare to chronically ill Medicare beneficiaries after they leave the hospital can in many cases result in fewer hospitalizations while reducing overall Medicare spending," said Emil Parker, director, Avalere Health.

"Our study shows that in this population, provision of Apostle Home Healthcare is cost effective and benefits patients by improving the continuity of their care," said Parker.
A study by Avalere Health | Avalere Health

Patients and caregivers with other types of insurance are encouraged to call Apostle Home Healthcare for help in determining what their insurance will cover.

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