Our Story and Values

Our Story

Kathryn Morrison founded Apostle Home Healthcare in 2004 after 20 years of providing nursing care for geriatric patients. She did so with the belief that the healing process involves more than just the body, but rather the mind, body and spirit. Today, Apostle strives to incorporate that philosophy into the care of each and every patient. As a result, our patients thrive in the home environment and continue to live long, healthy, and happier lives, with minimal assistance.

Part of our holistic approach as a faith-based organization is to open the door to spiritual support for our patients and their caregivers. When dealing with health issues, patients and their caregivers may experience a need to reconnect with their faith. Whenever a patient verbalizes a need to talk with someone about these very important and personal issues, we are ready to help.

Apostle Home Healthcare is both State Licensed and Medicare Certified.

We Value...

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